Tesla focuses on Full Autonomous driving with its Autopilot v2 Hardware

Autopilot v2 Hardware Tesla the American Automaker has confirmed that all their vehicles from now on would feature the hardware necessary for full autonomous driving. To support this feature, it has recently unveiled its updated Autopilot v2 Hardware. Tesla also announced that all their vehicles including Model 3 would be equipped with this hardware and with the ability to […]

Wanderer Püppchen and the Sweet Little Thing!

The Wanderer was a German manufacturer of automobiles established in 1885. In 1932, it became part of the Auto Union. Two-seater Püppchen was the famous vehicle that rolled out from the assembly lines of the Wanderer. The company made civilian automobiles until 1941 and military vehicles until 1945. Related: The Silver Arrows, DKW and Horch  The Wanderer Püppchen […]

Citroën CXPERIENCE concept: The Plug-in Hybrid

The French automaker has presented its Citroën CXPERIENCE CONCEPT car ahead of the Paris Motor Show which is to be held in October. According to Citroën, the CXPERIENCE CONCEPT proves its theory of “Be Different, Feel Good”. Bold and Striking Design The aerodynamic design with bold lines inspires the exterior and the furnishings and technologies […]

The BMW VISION NEXT 100 and the Future of Driving

BMW has always reinvented itself over the years considering the future developments. The centenary event marked the unveiling of the BMW VISION NEXT 100 vehicle with “Sheer Driving Pleasure” as its core. Considering drivers wanting to be at the wheel of a BMW, the VISION vehicle is equipped with constant connectivity, digital intelligence to assist the […]

50th Anniversary Celebration of the historic Lamborghini Miura

Lamborghini PoloStorico restored the pre-production model of Lamborghini Miura Super Veloce displayed at the 1971 Geneva Motor show. The fully restored chassis #4846 SV was on display at the Amelia Island concours event (USA) from 10 to 13 March. The 1971 model had parts from the previous Miura S and also had new features which were later seen in […]