2019 Tokyo Motor Show

2019 Tokyo Motor Show: The ‘Open Future of Cars’ as envisioned by the Japanese Automakers

Japanese cars have been known for their ‘Fun to Drive’ quotient and iconic designs for decades. The 2019 Tokyo Motor Show is all about the latest technologies: Emission-free propulsion technologies, new mobility concepts, connectivity and autonomous pods. Even though concepts tend to garner more attention, they are less likely to end up in production. The good news is that the some of the prototype concepts from Suzuki, Lexus, Nissan, Honda that are likely to be in production soon.

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2019 Tokyo Motor Show

‘Open Future’ was the Theme of the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. The Automotive industry is changing rapidly more than ever. The reason being the impacts on the environment and the technological advancements that are taking place in today’s world. Cars that are electrified, connected and that can drive autonomously are the talking points of the automotive world.

The Futuristic LF-30 Concept

Lexus presented the electric vehicle with lots of advanced features to boast about in their concept car of the future. Named as LF-30, Toyota’s premium brand comes with the same electrified platform that is to be used in all their upcoming models. The design looks futuristic and don’t expect the production version to be similar to this. The alloys and roof mounted doors look stunning.

Toyota unveiled the covers off the second-gen Mirai. The hydrogen-fueled sedan comes with 30% longer range and also looks appealing.

The all-electric Ariya SUV

Nissan has been among the earliest Electric vehicle launchers with its Leaf in 2010. The Automaker has revealed its second EV, the Ariya crossover expected to have high level driver assist features. In addition, the SUV is powered by electric motors on both axles.

The Ultimate Urban Commuter

Nissan IMk disappoints the average car enthusiast as its design is not engaging to have a second look. The car is more about Nissan’s ability to venture into the latest technologies and displaying it to the public. In other words, the company touts it as the ‘Ultimate Urban Commuter’.

Suzuki Waku SPO: The Wagon-Coupe camouflage

Suzuki unveiled three concepts at the TMS: The Hanare, Waku SPO and Hustler. The Waku SPO is a plug-in HEV and has the ability to transform from its wagon-look into a coupe. It has a retro-look to it and has been compared with the Suzuki Fronte of the late 60s.

The Hanare is an autonomous pod that looks similar to the other concepts that automakers tend to design for urban commuting. The Hustler looks boxy and smaller in comparison to the Jimny.

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Mi-Tech Hybrid Buggy

Mitsubishi also revealed its plans for entering into the lucrative SUV market with its Mi-Tech hybrid SUV. The small-sized SUV from Mitsubishi Motors resembles a buggy and has a host of features. It has a 4WD electric system with advanced driver assistance systems and preventive safety technologies. Furthermore, the windshield provides for an augmented reality display of maps and other functions.

Subaru presented its estate model, the Levorg, powered by an 1.8L turbo engine. It’s said to be based on the ‘Grand Touring Philosophy’ and comes with connected technolog, HD maps and Subaru’s EyeSight driver assistance system. Another traditional car at the TMS was the Alpine 110S. However, electric cars dominated the auto show in terms of raw numbers.

Also, in display was the Nissan Nismo Leaf RC_02. Its powered by two electric motors and so producing 322 horses of power and 640 Nm of Torque. Only 6 cars were made and sent to various venues for marketing purposes. In conclusion, the 2019 Tokyo motor show was futuristic, both in terms of design and technologies.

Credit to the photos included in this article belongs to Ayesh @ https://www.ayeshonline.net/

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