Driving Home A Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera On Valentine’s Day Is A Childhood Dream Come True

Simon Neubauer was 14 years old when he started working on classic Porsche’s and Mercedes’ at his Godfather’s shop. From having a strong fondness for the G-series to driving home a Porsche 3.2 Carrera on Valentine’s day, Simon has lived his childhood dream. In this week’s Garage Stories Column, Simon recollects memories from his school days and a lot more.

Rev and Shift: How and where did your obsession for cars start initially?

Simon: For me the whole Porsche thing started at my godfather’s shop. He sells Toyota’s and Lexus but is a true Porsche enthusiast who also runs a classic division specialized on restoring old Porsche’s, Mercedes and Alvis. I first started working there during spring break when I was 14 and pretty much spent every school holidays there until I finished my high school degree and left my hometown.

Rev and Shift: How did your interest especially towards Porsche evolve?

Simon: On my last day of work, I would always get a ride home in my Godfather’s guards red 930, a car modified by RUF. I believe this is where my obsession to the G-series and this color comes from. Since those days, it has been clear to me that I wanted to own one of those cars rather sooner than later.

RS: How did you go about to get the car of your dreams?

S: So during my studies, I always worked two to three jobs on the side in order to save up to a 911 – it had to be a 911 – and in summer 2009, I had enough in my bank account to start looking at some cars. As I had to start at the lower end of the market, most of them were in questionable condition so I kept saving, waiting and looking. Half a year later, there was a car that sounded almost too good to be true.

Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera

RS: Describe the story behind getting your dream ride.

S: On February 14th, 2010, I took my godfather down to the south of Germany to have a look at it. It was not perfect but it had a solid history and, most importantly, all the expensive parts such as the engine, drive-train, suspension, breaks or oil circulation were in a really good condition. On top of that, it was a 1987 3.2 Carrera with no cat but the upgraded G50 gearbox. Besides the 3.0 Carrera and the 2.7 MFI, this was one of the three cars at the very top of my list. Long story short, I bought the car on the spot and suddenly had only 170 € left on my bank account. I remember my parents who really questioned my sanity when I told them. They were always aware of my plans but somehow hoped that I would never turn them into action, especially I was (only) an intern back then. What people forget though is that old Porsche’s were still relatively cheap compared to what these cars sell for today.

Porsche 996 4S

RS: What was next in the line after the 3.2 Carrera?

S: A few years later, I really fell for the 996 4S. I remember it being introduced by Walter Röhrl, probably as one of his first jobs as an official spokesperson for Porsche if I remember it correctly. I simply loved the design and it was the cars that really reminded me of my teenage years. In the meanwhile, I scored my dream job at Adidas and was able to buy one when the prices for the 996 series were right. Well maybe I was a little too late but looking back at it now, I’d do it all over again.

Cars & Coffee

RS: How do you spend your weekends with two classic Porsche’s?

S: In 2013, a few guys here at work started a little cars & coffee series called Unique 911 Driving. As you can guess by the name, it’s mostly Porsches and mainly their air cooled models who turn up but you start seeing some water cooled cars recently. It’s a ton of fun every time we meet up. After a year or so we started talking about a long weekend driving some of the signature alpine roads and since 2015, we have repeated it every summer with a new route every season. We usually drive around 1000 miles over 4 days and it has become one of my favorite trips each year. Besides spending time with my wife and daughter, of course. So in case you ever make it over the big pond anywhere near the Nuremberg area – feel free to give us a shout and we’ll try to connect.

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