What It’s like To Have A Perfect Porsche Garage

As like every other kid on the block, Seth Plummer has been inclined towards cars since his childhood. His dream was to get his hands on a 911 Carrera RS 2.7. Let’s explore how Seth got his Porsche garage to perfection.

My father had promised to buy me a Porsche as my first car and for us to restore it together. I wanted a 1973 911 carrera rs 2.7, white with orange decals.

Remember VW Karmann Ghia? It was Volkswagen’s entry into the premium segment. It was the result of German coachbuilder Karmann and Italian firm Ghia. Seth got the 1967 Karmann Ghia as his first ride. He then restored the interiors and paint job.

The Perfect Porsche Garage

Few months later, it was 1965 Porsche 356 that moved in to his garage. He remarks “I couldn’t believe we finally had a Porsche, it was a dream come true”. The engine of the 356 has now been rebuilt to a 2.1 from John Willhoit at Willhoit Auto Restorations.

For my 17th birthday, my dad surprised me with a 1972 914 1.7 and then a few months later we got a 1973 914 2.0 that a guy was selling at the Pomona swap meet. I am building an original 914 2.0 engine with a bigger camshaft and dual Weber to give it a higher compression.

The latest to join his Porsche Garage is the 1987 944 turbo and he is planning to redesign the interiors like the RS style along with Houndstooth seats and door panels.

I find Photography as an outlet from everything, I love capturing moments that I would normally take for granted. I love taking pictures of Porsche’s, my 2 dogs, and of people.

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