Capturing the Combustion Engined Classics Through The Eyes Of An Photographer

The scream of the V12’s. The burning rubber on the track. The artistic detailing and styling. Being a photographer and a petrol head, Nick Dalton has had first-hand experiences of the classic machines and loves anything powered by an Combustion Engine.

It’d probably sound odd to any normal person, and possibly corny even to an enthusiast, but I’ve honestly been in love with combustion engined vehicles since I could speak.

Nick has a few favorites and Historic Racing and Classic motoring tops his list. It’s evident in the photos he shoots. He remarks “Be it a howling Matra, a thundering Nascar or even a 3 wheeled Morgan dancing along a winding pass, the entire spectrum of motoring for the sake of it has always appealed”.

Nick captures the machines in such a manner that the viewers can linger on to the beauty for hours.

I freeze a moment that captures the beauty of a subject or situation, such as the fury and spectacle of a 917 screaming past. I just want it to look as good to a viewer as it did in my mind.

Photographer’s Eye:

Nick likes to post a range of shot types as he thinks that draws his eye and mind differently. Further he adds “Panning shots can be spectacular and have great initial impact, yet you might spend longer appreciating the full form of an awesome car at rest”.

Sometimes small details can be the most fascinating, like vents, clocks or bonnet straps. I’m forever amazed at the character shots many photographers get, they’re an art in themselves and I’d love to do more. You can look at my shots in the link:

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