There Is No Substitute For This Man’s Love For Porsche’s!

It all starts with a dream. A dream of owning a Porsche. What happens when that dream turns into a reality? You get your hands on another Porsche! This week’s Garage Stories features Dan Brunn and his passion for Porsche’s.

Rev and Shift: How did your interest towards cars and especially Porsche evolve?

Dan Brunn: It started when I moved to Los Angeles from Tel Aviv.  I was always enamored by their design, but all of a sudden I was surrounded by great cars.  I vividly remember the big bug eyes of the 80s Carreras, and the simple shape captivated me.

RS: What are your interests apart from driving your Porsche to work.

D: I am passionate about design and music.  So cars fall into it all I think, music to my ears and eyes.  But beyond that, I also play a few instruments, and write music.  I can’t really function without music.

RS: Do you get inspiration for your work from your car? And how do you relate arts and cars?

D: I get to relax when I go on drives, so for sure that helps inspire.  I think for me design is really about form following function, and it goes hand in hand.  I think I am drawn towards the vintage Porsche’s for their purity.

My design language is really about less is more, and there is something special about being able to pinpoint that everything means something.  There are no fake vents, or extra creases.  I love that, it’s authentic.

RS: Explain about the feeling of everyday driving in a classic Porsche.

D: I actually don’t drive my classic cars to and from work, so for a daily, I have a BMW M5.  It’s really a dream car that can do it all.

RS: When and where did you get your current car. Specs? Do you think the 964 is a better car than the 993?

D: I have a few cars, but if we’re talking about Porsches, I have a 1987 911 Carrera 3.2 and a 1996 Carrera 4S, which is the 993 type you mentioned.  I actually ended up with the 993 after driving my friend’s 964.  It inspired me to get something that drives more modern.  The 911 really is a relic, and something that requires a lot of skill and a ton of work.  The 993 is simply a joy, with continuous smiles, it really is a smile maker.

There is No Substitute!

RS: Any mods done to the original?

D: The 911 has 17” Fuchs style wheels, lowered to European specs, sports exhaust and I made a few of my own touches.  The front turn signals are clear instead of amber, and European style by omitting the side reflector.  I redid the leather on the original steering wheel with red stitching, and there are new sport seats, with leather and alcantara, also, red stitching.  That’s it.

The 993 C4S has a ton of customization, from European bumpers, K&W Coilovers, exhaust, RS motor mounts, wheels, Recaro Pole Position seats, and a ton more little bits.

RS: How do you ride? Quarter-mile over the red-line or under-revving driving?

D: Well, I recently got a speeding ticket, very unfortunate.  So I think that sums it up.  Fast.

RS: What did you do after getting your hands on your dream car?

D: SMILE, and SMILE.  I love sharing stories with friends.  I think that’s for sure the coolest thing about it.  There is an avid Porsche community.  It’s so much fun.  Great people.

RS: What do you find unique about the brand ‘Porsche’? What was the second car on your list if not Porsche?

D: I can’t speak much about the current generation, as I don’t really relate to them, but what I do love is the simplicity.  Authentic, fun and purposeful design.  What could be better?   I wouldn’t call it a second, but BMW.  It is just a different type of car.  I still really want an 8 series.  One day.

RS: What are some of your favorite places you’ve been?

D: I love London, used to live there for a bit, just wonderful.  Also Italy, that used to be home.  My heart is somewhere over the Atlantic, I am sort of misplaced.

RS: What classic car would you like to own someday!

D: Mercedes 300SL.  That was my first love.  Oh wow!

Photo Credits: 1987 911 Carrera 3.2 by Keiron Berndt and 1996 Carrera 4S by Lucio Photography

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