Portraying The Timeless Icons That Once Ruled The Circuit

Dave Adams began photographing cars back at the start of the millennium, born from a love of all things automotive and motorsport related. Let us dive into his art of photography that depicts the timeless icons of the past century.

I see photography as a doorway into a world which is only usually open to those with the financial means to break it down.

Initially Dave learnt to photograph cars at his local race circuit, Oulton Park, and often attended small club events and track-days to practice his art. From here his interest in car photography grew, and his desire to shoot more expensive classic cars took hold.

Timeless Icons

My favorite genre of Motorsport is from the 1960’s sport cars era, where the might of Ford with the GT40 took on the likes of Ferrari and Jaguar in closed wheel racing at circuits such as Aintree, Goodwood and Brands Hatch. Being born in the mid 70’s, I missed this period of racing first time round, so I am grateful for places like Silverstone and Goodwood running events such as the Classic and the Revival where these cars can be still be seen competing.

A look through Dave Adams’ website or Instagram feed soon reveals his deep seated love of classic motorsport, with high quality images from a number of events being posted on a regular basis. It is clear from spending a few minutes looking through his photographs that there is always a consistent look and feel to his images, and each appears to have been taken with careful consideration of the surroundings.

I have tried very hard to create a consistent look to my photography, to create a sense of continuity across different events and the time of year they take place. I have also tried to avoid the trend of desaturating and fading the blacks in my images (I did try it at one time to little success) – instead making my images rich in color with deep blacks where possible. Whilst I can appreciate the faded look when done well, there are too many who now use this as the de-facto style because its become the ‘in’ thing.


Dave Adams processes each image carefully before posting on any social media. This approach means that he posts content for weeks, keeping those memories alive for those that were there, and spark an interest in the event for those that weren’t.

I really appreciate all those people that follow my work online, and provide feedback on what they do (and sometimes don’t) like. I’m a firm believer in the camera being a tool to do the job, and its the image that matters. I hope that this philosophy helps those that follow me to get out and take the best images they can, regardless of the camera they are carrying.

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