What’s Better Than Growing Up Around Period Correct BMWs?

Timo is a 26 year old petrolhead based out of Munich who photographs classic cars and drives period correct BMWs. You can visualize the retro look of classics through his images.

My goal is to achieve a retro look by having an eye for detail. For example I try to remake old german licence plates to create an realistic look of the 80s and 90s.

Period Correct BMW 750i

Timo’s passion for cars is hereditary. Yes, you read that right! Having grown up in his father and grandfather’s BMW 5 and 7 series, his attraction towards cars is self-evident. He remarks “So I kind of grew up in these old BMW 5 and 7 Series. And I really like the timeless design of the 7 E32 Series. Claus Luthe and Ercole Spada created a ‘German Jaguar’ at that time”. Luthe’s notable works include the NSU Ro 80 and VW K70 whereas Spada was known for designing various classics for Italian marques.

Timo and his family preserved the 7 Series for a long time until it got old. “What is really outstanding about the 750i is that it’s the first German car with a 12-cylinder engine after the second world war. It always gives me goosebumps when I start up the car! When you drive it you feel like a top-manager from the early 90s, especially with the car phone on your ear”.

Our cars are period correct, so you will never find a new radio system in it, or something that you couldn’t have bought at the time when the cars were new.

Timo’s dream car is a 1986 Porsche Carrera 3.2 with the M437 Aero Kit in guardsred. “I would say that my favourite Era is definitely the late 80s. The cars back then really had a soul and technical finesse”. He also collects BMW and ALPINA Automobilia such as old brochures, jackets, posters and books.

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