Connecting Men And Historic Cars Through The Art Of Photography

Frankfurt-based Steffi started clicking Classics for fun, but soon found out that it was more than a hobby. She started shooting vintage historic cars and motorcycles. Soon, her passion for cars resulted in acquiring a vintage Alpine A310.

Alpine was an independent company that produced performance Renault’s. Later, it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Renault. The A310 had a 1647cc inline four-cylinder engine that produced 95 PS. Later on in 1976, the A310 was upgraded with a 2664cc V6 that was capable of 220 km/h.

And then I thought, why shouldn’t I share my fascination for photography with others? Since that, one year has passed by and I still enjoy it so much. I’ve always been creative as a kid and just love taking pictures of these machines.

Historic Cars:

Her photos include that of the Bizzarini, an Italian auto manufacturer in the 1960s to Melkus, a sportscar marque based in Dresden and the Old-timer Grand Prix in Nürburgring. Motorcycles such as Horex, Vincent, Royal Enfield and Motorrad BSA were showcased during these classic events.

She remarks, “I attended various events throughout the year, be it the Nürburgring or the Hockenheim ring, but also various small events. I’m always looking for new events and assignments. My memories of the shooting the Porsche 917 last year at the Old-timer Grand Prix in Nürburgring is still refreshing”.

Her objective of photographing historic cars is to describe the connection between the man and his beloved machine. Detailing is a major part of her photos.

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