Restoring Classic Porsche’s Is A Way of Life For This South Jersey Mechanic

This week’s Garage Stories column features Jamie Pertuit and his Porsche restorations. Based in South Jersey, Jamie is a mechanic who has been working on Porsche’s and hot rods. His love for Porsche’s began when he was a kid.

Ever since I can remember, my dad had a 1973 Porsche 914 and I grew up intrigued by this car. I used to joke with my father that the 914 isn’t a “real Porsche” and wanted to get my hands on a 911 one day.

Porsche Restorations:

It’s been 10 years since Jamie started working out of his garage building and restoring these iconic sports cars. His rebuilds include an 1973 914, 1974 911, 1966 912, 1989 930, 1986 944, 1979 911, 1984 930 and the Porsche restoration list goes on and on..

People from across the world know Porsche as an iconic sports car symbol. It is visceral, minimalistic yet complex. There is no other way to say it.

One such rebuild was the 1979 911 SC. The hot rod has been modified to give the extra power needed to cruise on highways. Body panels were replaced to shed weight and new lighting was added. The interior was equipped with custom red leather interiors, duck-tail spoiler, factory RSR coils, Aluminum flywheel and a carbon-fiber rooftop. The hot-rod was similar in power to the stock version because of Aluminum materials which resulted in a weight of around 200o lbs. A lot of Jamie’s rebuilds ended up at auctions and he is looking to rebuild a lot more cars from the Stuttgart-brand.

I support the back yard mechanic and know there’s many of us out there doing work just as good if not better than the big name shops. My motto has always been “anything worth doing is worth over doing”.

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