A Motorcyclist’s World Record Attempt In Becoming The Youngest Person To Circumnavigate the World

Henry Crew’s obsession with all things two wheels started off during his childhood days through the impact of his dad and uncle who were into the world of cycling. He wasn’t into motorcycles until he was 19, the legal age to get hold of a driving license.

Henry’s first bike was a 1982 Yamaha XS400 customised to a brat/tracker sort of style with flat seat, knobbly tires and tracker bars. He recalls “I loved this bike but unfortunately it broke down all the time and I didn’t have much knowledge fixing bikes. Incidentally after I sold that bike it went on to be ridden to victory at Dirt Quake”.

Annoyed by a dozen of issues with the XS400, Henry decided to get a new model devoid of any problems. He then got himself a Kawasaki W800 which he remarks ‘the W800 was a revelation’. He racked up 20,000 miles on that bike over a year and a half before it was written off. Meanwhile, Henry spends his time fixing a 1977 Suzuki TS185 at his garage.

For Henry, as he puts it:

Motorcycling is definitely something that gets in your blood and becomes a huge part of your life. It’s a total sense of freedom and detachment that can either provide time to think or clear your head completely.

World Record Attempt

The Summer of 2017 came and Henry decided that he was going to attempt the world record to become the youngest person to circumnavigate the world. Having been a part of the Distinguished Gentleman’s ride for the last three years, it was no surprise that Henry is taking up the record attempt for the cause of men’s mental health issues.

The trip will take about a year and take me through more than 35 countries over 35,000+ miles. Head over to @henrycrew in Instagram to follow my travels. You can find the interview of Henry with BBC about DGR and the trip here: https://www.facebook.com/bbcthree/videos/10155206128370787/

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