How A Pharmacy Student Turned His Passion For Cars Into A Wheels-Spotting Journey


Cosmin Stefan is a 24 year old student living in the historical city of Turin in Italy. Although a pharmacy student, his passion for cars pursued him to embark on a Wheels-Spotting journey. Cosmin had moved from Romania to Italy in 2002 and ever since his stay at Turin, he wanted to illustrate Turin through the cars of the city.

He has been an car aficionado ever since he was a kid and the Wheels-Spotting project enabled him to capture his love through the eyes of the camera.

The Wheels-Spotting project enabled me to combine my love for cars and photography.

He calls the cars which he has photographed as “Soul Cars”, as each and every car portrays a story. Some cars depict luxury, while some represent the social class, or some that are old and rusty and forgotten.

The rich automotive history of Turin

The idea to project has been to illustrate the city of Turin in analogy with its rich history. He also points out that Turin has always been linked with cars. Turin has seen some of the big names of the automotive industry establishing their roots in the historical city. Fiat began its journey in 1899 to Pininfarina in 1930 and Italdesign later in the 20th century. Turin and its people have witnessed some of the marvellous designs.

The reason for him capturing the sides of the car is because the lines are the best in defining the car. The beautiful city and its environments can be seen in majority of his pictures. He also gives credit to the designers in each car he portrays as he considers them as the father of the car.

I don’t know if I have a favorite designer but certainly some I like more than others. One of my favorite is definitely Sergio Scaglietti with his masterpiece Ferrari 250 GTL. Then there are Aldo Brovarone who have designed the Ferrari 500 Superfast, Leonardo Fioravanti and Marcello Gandini. 

His favourite car remains to be the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione born from the hand of Wolfgang Egger. He also mentions his dream ride as the 1984 Porsche 911 3.2 SC with black Fuchs wheels.

I like to capture as much Italian cars as I would as every nation is characterized by its own “group” of cars.

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