Gentlemen, Start Your Engines: Let’s Get Racing!


So you know you can drive and you know you have mastered the art of track driving. You still want more though. That’s ok, we have just the guide for you so switch your engines off and check out our guide to club racing.

Before you jump in the car and head to the nearest circuit to test out your skills, there is a little bit of paperwork to complete. First step is to become a member of the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) not only is this an excellent resource but also a huge number of your racing heroes were born through the club.  So you will be in excellent company.

You are going to need to get a physical report from your doctor before you can apply for your licence.  You will also need a novice permit, you may feel like a natural racer but you have to start somewhere. It’s just the rules. All forms can be downloaded through the SCCA and they will also guide you through the process of filling them out if you need to. Submit the paperwork, pay the $125 fee and then wait. Your novice permit is on it’s way.

This might be a good time to start considering what you are going to race. You don’t want to do it in your daily runaround and buying a pre built race car isn’t going to come cheap. A pretty good value option is to build your own and remember those ‘we buy junk cars’ you drive past on the way to work? Well they might just be your racing car heaven. You’ll be stripping the engine and ditching the gearbox, pulling out all of the interior and rewiring pretty much everything that is in the car. So providing the chassis is sound, nothing else really matters. Again, talk to the SCCA about finding some help to ensure your car meets race standards and some top tips for racing. Then grab your most mechanically minded friend and get to work.

By now, your permit should have arrived. The next step is to hit one of the racing schools and get your skills all ship shape. As part of the process of obtaining your full licence you need to have taken part in three race weekends as a novice. Once you have ticked all the boxes required, you are free to apply for your full race licence!

There is a two year limit between receiving your novice permit and obtaining your full race licence so whilst there is no rush to the finish line, there is indeed a finish line. Make sure you have everything in order and have applied before the two years are up or you may find yourself having to start the process all over again.

Finally? It’s time to hit the race track. Try not to go at it all guns blazing for the first few races. Get your teeth in, learn the circuits and stay out of trouble. Then come back in the second season and release your potential!

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