Revealed: The Top Track Racing Tips To Learn From Motorcycle Riders

Do you have a car that you enjoy taking on the track from time to time? If so, you will want to make sure you know just what to do to win any challenge. From driving skills to racing preparation, it’s crucial you have what it takes to get the job done right.

Did you know motorcycle riders could teach you a thing or two? Yes, I know they only have two-wheeled machines, and you’ve got four. But, their road and track experience is beneficial to car drivers too. Want to know what sort of things they could teach you? Want to be a pro racer like Ayrton Senna or Lewis Hamilton? Keep reading, and you’ll find out more!

Brush up on your concentration skills

The golden rule of safe and fruitful track racing, regardless of how many wheels you’ve got, is concentration. You need to focus on the task at hand without letting your mind (or eyes) wander.

For instance, if you take your eyes off the road ahead of you for even one second, you could end up crashing into debris. Or you might end up clipping the corner of another vehicle that you didn’t see from the brow of a hill!

Wear only the best protective clothing

When you’re on the racing track, the last thing you should do is wear your casual everyday clothes! Instead, what you must do is wear the best in personal protective equipment. Bikers wear high-quality helmets and clothing like what you might see at If you’re ever ejected from your car, what you wear could save you!

Don’t cheap out in that department. Get the best protective clothing and equipment money can buy. It’s a worthwhile investment and one that could mean the difference between life and death.

Fit a roll cage to your car

Some people take their road cars on the track for the odd weekend jaunt. The thing is, you’ll be doing some extreme driving on a racing circuit. To help strengthen your car, you’ll no doubt have improved the suspension on it. What you should also do is have a safety cage fitted as well. 

I know; they don’t make it easy to get in and out of your car. But, they’ll strengthen your vehicle’s chassis and make your car feel like a go-kart! Consider getting one custom-made to your car for optimum strength. Take a look at to see what’s available for your car.

Always use the right tires for the weather and track conditions

Now here is something that some racing car drivers already know. Still, for the purpose of this article, I’m going to point it out again: use the right tires! The last thing you want is to use summer tires on a wet track. The aim here is to use tires that adapt well to the racing conditions.

Doing so means your car will have a better grip on the ground, especially when cornering at high speeds.

Know what to do if you get thrown out of your car

No-one likes to talk about it, but some track drivers do end up getting thrown out of their vehicles in accidents. Do you know how to position yourself if that were to happen to you? The way that you land on the ground could mean the difference between a few scratches and life-changing injuries.

Yes, the protective clothing I mentioned earlier will help to some degree. However, you must also know how to handle a fall. It’s something most pro bikers know for obvious reasons. And it’s something you should learn as well, just in case.

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