Tesla focuses on Full Autonomous driving with its Autopilot v2 Hardware

Autopilot v2 Hardware

Tesla the American Automaker has confirmed that all their vehicles from now on would feature the hardware necessary for full autonomous driving. To support this feature, it has recently unveiled its updated Autopilot v2 Hardware. Tesla also announced that all their vehicles including Model 3 would be equipped with this hardware and with the ability to drive autonomously.


As always, our over-the-air software updates will keep customers at the forefront of technology and continue to make every Tesla, including those equipped with first-generation Autopilot and earlier cars, more capable over time.

Musk said.

The new hardware called the Autopilot v2 Hardware features eight surround cameras to provide 360 degrees visibility for a range of about 250 meters. The system also equips 12 updated ultrasonic sensors that can detect objects at about twice the range of its current system. With the new forward facing radar, the system is even capable of seeing through rain, fog, dust and even the car in front. This is all possible due to the new on board computer that can function at about 40 times the speed of its current Autopilot systems.

However Tesla would run the sensors in “shadow mode” to ensure the working of its new improvements before activating all of its new features.

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