Citroen CXPERIENCE concept: The Plug-in Hybrid

The French automaker has presented its Citroen CXPERIENCE CONCEPT car ahead of the Paris Motor Show which is to be held in October. According to Citroen, the CXPERIENCE CONCEPT proves its theory of “Be Different, Feel Good”.

Bold and Striking Design

The aerodynamic design with bold lines inspires the exterior and the furnishings and technologies inspire the interior of the CXPERIENCE. It has a very low roof (1.37m tall) and the styling is unique.

The front end has a special grille and three LED layered headlights on both the sides. Air intakes are incorporated into the bumpers and mobile flaps are provided for better aerodynamics. The rear looks extremely imposing. The indicators are positions between the V-shaped headlights.

The concept car has rear-hinged doors for the back row (also known as Suicide Doors). The doors open 90 degrees, almost perpendicular to the wheels, making it easy to enter.

The whole Style team pulled in the same direction to create a new executive saloon with international reach, breaking with conventional codes to express the brand’s values: Optimistic, Human and Smart.

Said, Alexandre Malval, Citroen Design Director

The Citrus Interiors

The citrus yellow coloured interiors feature a wooden dashboard and a 19 inch rectangular display. The display controls functions such as air conditioning, driving aids, navigation and media sources.

Also, the front of the door panels house smaller screens. They serve as door-mounted side-view cameras.

A single-spoke steering wheel illustrates the Citroen brand heritage.

The Citroen CXPERIENCE concept car challenges convention to express a new vision of executive saloons. It also fits in perfectly with the ambitions of the “Citroen Advanced Comfort programme”. CXPERIENCE CONCEPT illustrates the brand’s capacity to deploy its “Be Different, Feel Good” promise in this segment.

Said, Linda Jackson, CITROEN Brand CEO

Citroen Advanced Comfort

The Citroen Advanced Comfort is evident in the design of the Citroen CXPERIENCE CONCEPT. Hydraulic Cushion Suspension system, new seat technologies, improved acoustics to filter vibrations and exterior noise are some of the features.

Brightness, space, ergonomics and connectivity define the criteria for the Advanced Comfort programme. The concept car has a human-machine interface that digitally connects the vehicle and the passengers. Head-Up Display provides useful information in the driver’s field of view.

Plug-In Hybrid

A plug-in hybrid gasoline-electric powertrain powers the CXPERIENCE CONCEPT. The gasoline engine produces around 200 bhp of power and the electric motor provides 80 kW of additional energy. It has a range of 60 km when driven all-electric inside the city. But still there are no news about the charging time. It has an 8-speed automatic gearbox mounted transversely which maintains passenger space. Furthermore, the car can produce a maximum power output of 300 bhp.

Although the Citroen CXPERIENCE has some references to the CX and the C6, the design and the comfort levels are contemporary. The Citroen CXPERIENCE offers an unique style and exceptional comfort and this ensures passengers have a pleasant ambience.

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